Welcome to the website of the translators' course at the Weiterbildungskolleg of the Staatliche Fremdsprachenschule, Hamburg. This site is intended to be a resource for participants in the course and a means of communication to keep in touch if for any reason you may not have heard the homework for next time.

Last updated 16 JANUARY 2017


On 17 January, the English-German exam will be taking place. It runs until 18.00 hrs. I think we should simply come together after that (please allow a little time to tidy up the exam room and get down to the course room), with no formal programme, so we can discuss how things have gone and to take another look at the exam papers.

On 25 January, we will be having a reprise of the Famous Pub Quiz, I’ll let you know here when and where that will be; I hope at Kemp’s as usual.

Getting there

Entrance and parking is in Building 3, on your right in the Eulenkamp cul de sac. If you are coming by car, there is no left turn into Eulenkamp from Nordschleswiger Straße from the north, so please turn left into Straßburger Straße and then sharp right and left again to the school; the relevant building is on your right. In the building, we were in room 01, to your right from the foyer. If the door doesn’t open, we are at the corner of the building so knock on the window and someone can come and open the door!

Homework as usual here.

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